Randomizing slide show order in macOS Photos.app

Update March 22, 2017: The slideshow randomizer discussed below is now complete!

Thank you to everyone who helped test it!

 Click here to get it.  The test version mentioned below is no longer available.


Original post follows:

The Yosemite version of macOS added the new Photos.app to replace iPhoto.  I think it’s better in most ways, but has one limitation that seems crazy to me. 

You can not display a slide show in random order!  The closest you can do is you use the screen saver as a slide show, but it a) doesn’t include your video clips, and b) for some reason always starts repeating after about 50 pictures or so.

I’ve looked for alternatives, but can’t really find anything that will just play a nice slide show with videos.

That’s the bad news, the good news is: 

I’ve come up with a solution.  I’m looking for testers of a macOS app that will give you a list of your Photos slide shows, and let you randomize the order. 

Send a note to electrollama@gmail.com to get a test version. 

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