AlphaParty is the ultimate party game for your AppleTV!

See who can come up with words to match the selected letter and category.

No waiting around for people to take turns.  People can join or leave the game at any time.  This is the perfect casual game for a party!  Anyone can pick it up, whether they're 8 years old or 80 years old.

Players vote on whether to accept answers or not, so you can be as picky or lenient as you want.

A great ice-breaker the game encourages your guests to talk to each other, not focus on their phones and the TV.

Everyone plays at the same time, using their own smartphone.  Any type, iOS or Android or Windows Phone or whatever will work.  No need for an app to be downloaded on the device, anything with a modern web browser and a live internet connection will work!  As long as you can open a web-site, you can play the game.  No fiddling with bluetooth pairing, joining a specific WiFi network required.