Electrollama Productions is Devin Uhrich, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada dedicated to bringing useful iOS, tvOS,  macOS and Web apps to everyone. 

I can provide contract/consulting services to make your iOS or web applications.  Whether you need to develop something from scratch, or need to implement something completely new, I'm here to help.

I'm a software engineer with a degree from the University of Calgary (B.Sc Electrical Engineering with minor in Computer Engineering), and have been working with iOS since 2009.

I've worked with many popular frameworks and services, and can hit the ground running to make your project a success!  I can develop both the front end app, back end service, and a web front end.

In addition to Swift and Objective-C, I have extensive experience working with databases (MS-SQL, mySQL, SQLite/CoreData), node.js, express.js, HTML/CSS, C, C++, C#, .net, and many, many others.


Contact me at electrollama@gmail.com to discuss your project