Thank you for using eyeCam

eyeCam has been completely rebuilt from the ground up! It has many new features and capabilities as well as a new look.

  • Universal app, works on iPad and all sizes of iPhone
  • Retina graphics
  • Supports most popular video codecs, including mpeg4, h264
  • Supports audio
  • Can auto-detect settings for many cameras
  • Syncs your configuration via iCloud
  • Stores (and syncs) passwords securely using KeyChain
  • Can share cameras via email attachment
  • Has online directory of 1,000s of public cameras
  • Tap and hold to move PTZ cameras
  • Returns to the camera you left off on
  • Can see all cameras at a glance
  • Safari action extension to import cameras that you find on the web


It is my goal to support every camera type out there, if you can't get yours to work, please contact me at and I'll do what I can to get it working.

- Devin