Introducing unAMP...

Ever find yourself Googling for something, and instead of getting the page on the site you want, you wind up with an "AMP" version of the page?  Sure, it loads fast, but it's a pain to link to, and sometimes you're missing out on content and layout that was in the original.  

You can kind-of guess at the original URL, but you have to open the URL and edit it by hand.  Some sites this doesn't even work for, as their URL scheme isn't guessable.

Here's an article from Daring Fireball about AMP, and another from Kyle Schreiber.

unAMP provides an extension that sits in Mobile Safari's action sheet.  With it, you're 2 taps away from the original, canonical article.

unAMP is available in the iOS App Store.  It's currently iPhone only, as Google doesn't serve AMP results to iPads.