I just want to put this video on a DVD

You've got a video, you want it on a DVD that will work in any DVD player.  You don't want to make menus, you don't want to install codecs, you don't want to think about aspect ratios or bit rates, or have to download a laundry list of programs.

Sound familiar? 

That's what InstaDVD does.  Drag your video file, hit burn and you're pretty much done.  

InstaDVD supports pretty much any video format, will automatically use the best quality that will fit on your disc.

Your finished DVD will just play when you put it in a player, no menus, no watermarks, no-nonsense.

InstaDVD uses the latest codecs that can take advantage of multi-core CPUs and encode your video quickly.

Got an SUV or mini-van with a DVD player in the back for the kids?  Why haven't you installed InstaDVD yet?