Using eyeCam's Safari Extension

eyeCam can quickly import webcams you find on the web using it's Safari Extension

The first few steps show you how to enable the extension, which only needs to be done once.  Once enabled, you're only a couple taps away from adding any webcam you find to eyeCam!


Enable the extension


In Safari, tap the sharing button

Slide to the end of the action list

Tap on More

Enable eyeCam Importer

Slide it to where you want it to appear in the list

Tap Done


Add a webcam

There are thousands of webcams online.  Once you've found one you'd like to add, open it in Safari and tap the Action Extension we enabled in the previous step.



The eyeCam importer will open.

Tap the video or image that matches the webcam.

You may or may not see a preview.  

If you don't see anything that looks correct, check to see if eyeCam found an iFrame.  Sometimes videos are embedded in a frame.  Tapping it will open that frame separately, then you can try run the eyeCam importer again on the frame's page.  It should be able to  locate the video or image from there.

If desired, you can edit the name here, but you can always change it later in the main eyeCam interface.

When you're done, hit save.  

If the page had multiple cameras, you can run the importer again and select additional ones.


Launch eyeCam


The next time you run eyeCam, you'll be notified that it found cameras to be added.  They'll be treated like any other camera.