Get the Disneyland Resort Times Guide in the App Store

Get the Disneyland Resort Times Guide in the App Store

This app does one thing, and it does it well! 

The schedules for Disneyland® Park, Disney's California Adventure® Park and the Downtown Disney® District are all at your fingertips. 

Tap the icon, and immediately, you'll see the park hours, entertainment schedules, parade times, attraction closures, special events for today at the Disneyland Resort® in California. Scan through upcoming days, or jump to any date to see what's coming. 

No more searching for paper or wondering if you have the most up to date information. Jump to any available date quickly. No messing around with websites that weren't designed with mobile use in mind. Never wonder when the 3 o'clock parade is. 

Have an iPod Touch or no data plan on your iPhone? No problem, view the dates your interested in before you leave, or whenever you've got WiFi access. They will be saved automatically. When no network is available, you'll see the most recent schedules you viewed. 

Look for times guides for Walt Disney World® (already available) and other attractions coming soon from Electrollama Productions. 

Electrollama Productions is not associated or affiliated with Disney in any way. The information is sourced from Disney. If Disney modifies how the content is provided, an update will be necessary. If they choose to stop providing the information, this app will cease to function. This is outside my control, and although I will make every effort to ensure the app continues to work, I make no guarantees to that end.