Public Mobile

Last year in November, Public Mobile had a deal where you got 4GB/month for $38/month (plus unlimited texting and province wide calling).  I switched in a heartbeat from my 6GB Rogers grandfathered plan, and have been perfectly happy with it for about half the price.  You were only able to get the deal for a while, but it looks like they're offering it again to Freedom Mobile customers.  

I think it's about the same price-wise as Freedom Mobile, but Public Mobile is on Telus' network, which is light years better than Freedom Mobile's.

Here are the issues with Public Mobile... if any of these bother you, the deal isn't for you.  Otherwise though, if you're eligible, go for it, it's been amazing for me!

  • Public mobile has basically no walk-in or phone customer service.  You can deal with them through an online forum, and that's about it.  If you call your current carrier for any reason, don't switch.  I never did, and haven't needed to, so this didn't matter to me, but if you're the type to call the billing or support department, this isn't for you!
  • You need your own unlocked phone.  I stopped buying locked phones a while ago, so this didn't affect me, but maybe it does for you.  CRTC is banning carriers from locking phones or charging for unlocking them, but that doesn't take effect until winter, too late for this.

If I haven't scared you off, click here to check out their offer, good until June 30.  If you want to sign up and don't know someone else to give the referral bonus to, email me at and I'll gladly give you my referral info! ; )